The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition

As a “thank you” to all my fans it is my pleasure to introduce The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition. This book contains a variety of scenes and character depth not included in the original version.

The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition

The featured motorcycle club patch of the Grinning Riders In Torment. A weathered version of how it would look one year after beginning of The Risen.

It has been one year since the beginning of this journey. I am deeply honored by all of my fans who have embraced The Risen series. You have expressed to me your favorite characters and the connections you find with them. I feel this series is special in that it embraces the human element as well as the telling of classical horror.

Marie F Crow



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Marie F Crow is a very gifted writer with a vivid imagination and the ability to convey everything in her mind so that your own imagination just kicks into overdrive as you visualize her words and the story! The author has made a fan out me and I anxiously await more from her!  I highly recommend this book! You’re going to love it!

— H.M. Christi

As a first novel in this series, it definitely sets the stage, and the bar, for the next. Not your usual zombie novel with some romance thrown in, The Risen: Dawning, has brought the origins of zombies back to the beginning – back to spooky and scary, back to horror. I was hooked right from the start and the mix of horror and humor were a pleasant surprise.

— J. Woods

Many modern books and films have overdone the zombie-theme and ruined it with pathetic plots and cheap scares. In this book, Crow presents zombies like they used to be, and how they should be: terrifying, gory, and dangerous. They have no mercy and gave me that uneasy jumpy feeling throughout the entire story.

— Infinity

From zombies to ghosts to bikers, this novel has got it all! This story is very graphic – the details make you want to cringe. Marie F Crow constructed a vivid world full of interesting characters. As a fan of all things zombies, I took pleasure in reading how Crow fascinated me with her interesting take on the undead.

— Steven