The Risen: Courage

The Risen: Courage is the second novel and fourth book in The Risen series by author Marie F Crow. This book continues the story presented in The Risen: Dawning. The Risen: Dawning and The Risen: Remnants are necessary to be read first before beginning this novel in order for the reader to follow the story progression.

The Risen: Courage

When everything shatters into madness, how do you pick up the pieces that are left? When your friends lie bleeding around you, which ones do you fight to save? To find these answers, Helena Hawthorn will have to face the ghosts that now walk the halls around her.

In the wake of J.D.’s madness, Helena and G.R.I.T. will have to find the courage to fight for their home and for each other as a new evil takes hold of their lives. The biggest threat to the high school and its survivors is no longer The Risen, and G.R.I.T. will have to fight to survive.



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Once again this book is very well-written. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. You’re thrashed around in a million directions, your heart is pulled on, and yet you can’t stop. The author has created a thirst for the next page, the next sentence, even the next word. And you can’t stop. If you’ve gotten to the end of this book, I’m sure you’re like me- and eagerly moving onto the next in the series.

— A. Dawn

This story picks up straight from the Dawning and reveals more about GRIT and the desperate fight they are now in. I don’t want to put in any spoilers so I will just say that the action is as crazy as can be in the best possible sense of the word. If you love great writing, action and zombies then this is your perfect series. Loved it!

— Alexifa

This book is turning out to be my favorite in the series, as everything seems to be stepped up a notch in this one: more action, more gore, more suspense, and greater character development. This is intelligent horror at its best, and Marie Crow is a master of the craft.

— K.B.

I love this book. I don’t think I can express that in words honestly the roller coaster ride this book took me on. It’s tough because basically this book has got all the feels in it, plus a little bit of laughter, and a whole heaping helping of CRAZY! But, it starts out after the chaos we dealt with in Dawning. We’re throwing right back into the waiting arms of G.R.I.T and it’s a pretty sad place to be. Crow doesn’t hold back, you don’t expect an author to throw you in with a bunch of dying or severely wounded people, but she does… and I loved it!

— C. Reider