The Risen: Margaret

This second book of The Risen series is one of three short stories based on The Risen: Dawning, but a complete story unto itself. In this book the author details the day of the kindergarten student Margaret Erikson. This story provides the reader with the accounts of the school day that affected Margaret and her eventual meeting of Helena Hawthorn.

The Risen: Margaret

“It’s just a simple shot, right?”

Margaret Erikson will ask this question many times today. What is suppose to be a basic school wide vaccine will go horribly wrong. It is not a simple shot and the lives that are lost to it will not become simple monsters.


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Never have I ever read a book or watched a movie that gave one the perspective of the zombie and how they think and operate. I was amazed at how this book really hooked me on this writers work. I’ve read her previous book, “The Risen Dawning” and this is the book that cinched it!

— Tanya

As with all Marie’s books they are extremely well written, with a plot that just sucks you in deeper and deeper.
This is very much focused from a childs view point bringing to you every emotion from innocence to fear as her world is turned on its head.

— Sophie

This little novella was amazing. It has all the right ups and downs and was a perfect companion novel to The Risen Dawning. Crow does an amazing job pulling us into the book, and taking us on this ride, but it doesn’t guarantee a happy ending, it doesn’t guarantee safety. You come on this ride knowing that you have no guarantees but you have an amazingly written story, amazing characters, and a very very good story.

— C. Reider

The psychology in this book is something I don’t see very often in other horror stories. It sends chills through your bones while toying with your mind at the same time…

— L. Johnson