Thank YOU


With the closing of May, it sees the end of my first year as a “storyteller”. It sees ten titles put to print. It sees three different series started. It sees fans who have become like family and the dearest of friends. It sees my family and friends who have become my biggest ropes of support. Most of all, it sees a life I never thought would be possible all because of people like you, the fans, who stood beside me even when I didn’t want to stand by me.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it a million times more. Thank you.

Who’s ready for another year?

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  1. Being the first time I’ve visited your site, I had no idea you had only been a published author for a year! You’re wonderful! You’ve quickly became one of my favorite authors. I’ve been completely sucked in by The Risen series and am anxious for more! Keep up the great work! :-)


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